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Horreo. Typical stone built granary for storage and vermin protection, Chandebrito, Vigo, Galicia, Spain. They are raised off the ground by stone pillars known as "pegollos", which can be made of either wood or stone. The sides are usually slatted for ventilation. They are found throughout north-east Spain , though particularly in Asturias and Galicia . They tend to be square in the former and rectangular in the latter.  These days very few are still used as granaries. Some are used to keep firewood or even the car dry, or as a shed to store bikes and general storage. Some lie abandoned. Some have been restored as folk monuments. They are often several or more in each village...Copyright..John Eveson,.Dinkling Green Farm,.Whitewell,.Clitheroe,.Lancashire..BB7 3BN.Tel. 01995 61280.Mobile 07973